Multi-WAN Pre-Configured Networking Kits

Our pre-configured kits allow you to consult before shipping with our engineers to allow for custom configurations or you can choose to go with our in-house default configuration. The most important part of your network is the root, don't take your changes with non-standard equipment. We use industry standard accepted hardware that is capable of all advanced and simple network features available today.

What will we pre-configure for your kit?

We will work directly with you in order to pre-configure your kit for your existing network, or we can guide an consult you on best practices and our standard default configurations. Either way your sure to get an awesome kit. Some of the networking options we'll pre-configure include but are not limited to; BGP Peering (Upstrem Only), OSPF, Static Routing, Dynamic Routing, Policy Based Routing, Load Balancing, VLAN Support Across routers and switches, DHCP, and DHCP Relay.

All pre-configure gateway kits include all rack mounting hardware, DAC cables, fiber cables, and all accessories requires for you to rack up your equipment, plug it in, and away you go. The images on this page are of the exact model routers you will receive. Cable manager panels are extra depending on your requirements. We have fully managed, co-managed, and self-managed options available on our gateway kits. If your ready to order now, just use one of the check out buttons below, otherwise, you can text
737-265-6080 to speak with a sales engineer.

Economy Single Router/Switch


  • Edge Router Infinity
  • Edge Switch XG
  • Pre-Configured
  • Help center access
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Modern Single Router/Switch


  • UISP Router Pro
  • UISP XG Switch Pro
  • Pre-Configutred
  • Help center access
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Modern Dual Routers/Switches


  • 2 x UISP Router Pros
  • 2 x UISP XG Switch Pros
  • Pre-Configured
  • Help center access
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Enterprise Dual Routers/Switches


  • 2 x Cisco ASR 920 Routers
  • Cisco Catalyst 10 Gig Switches
  • Pre-Configured
  • Help center access
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   Please note, the price on the gateway kits INCLUDES 8.25% for sales taxes, 4% for shipping, and 2.75% for handling and insurance. Allow 7 t0 10 days shipping time for USA orders, 5 to 20 days for orders outside the USA.