About Us

Efkolos was founded Nov, 1st, 2016 in Austin, TX where we filed a simple DBA. It was our founders goal to ensure the best possible subscriber care above all else. In Nov of 2019 we moved our Headquarters to New Braunfels, TX where we've been ever since.

Efkolos is focused on providing outsourced IT, Web, and internet services to businesses of all size, educational facilities, and WISP/FISP/Rural ISP providers across the United States. We offer coding services to integrate all kinds of things into most commonly used web based CRM Apps out there.

We are a VERY tight knit collective of independent networking experts, web design and hosting experts, and onsite fiber services technicians that work together to provide awesome services and support to our clients and subscribers.

We are approaching our 8th year in business and have taken great pride in always evolving our network and service offerings to always have the latest apps, OS images, and hosting services available to our subscribers.


We are working really hard on our new "Master Subscriber Agreement". This new document will incorperate all of our other legal documents and disclaimers regarding efkolos products and services. We are always striving to operate and produce the most reliable and sound hosting platform on the web today!