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Open WISP Internet Exchanges

Please bear in mind this is conceptual only! If you want to see this happen in your area, please click the blue button below and fill out the form to let us know. The more people express interest, the more likely we'll be able to build it.

As most smaller rural ISPs know, getting into an internet exchange is simply the best option for sourcing larger amounts of low cost uplink services but they still don't always take you 100% of the way with all traffic. Yes, they may off load quite a bit of traffic, but not all of it.

After getting requests from several WISP owners, and being in the internet delivery business pretty much since the internet came out, our team has developed a concept for what we're calling "Open WISP Internet Exchanges". It's just time for the new evolution of the internet to arrive. If you have any suggestions, requests, or any other comments please click the blue "Learn More" button, fill out the little form and let us know your comments.

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Our Concept

We are focused on building a very simple, but highly specialized Open WISP Internet Exchanges built specifically for smaller WISPs, select FISPs, and Small Rural ISPs to be able to get access to extremely low cost heavy bandwidth to deliver a much faster and much lower cost DIA service to these type of providers.

Internet Exchange Links

The primary benefit os an Internet Exchange Point is the ability to directly exchange traffic with our major carriers with next to almost no costs and no payments to tier 1 providers for "DIA service". Cross connecting with all other providers in the Exchange.

Most exchanges only allow 10 Gig and 100 Gig port membership, ours will also offer 40 Gig ports as most WISPs have a difficult time making the jump from 10 Gigs to 100 and its not always economical for them to do so which makes a 40 Gig link very ideal in most cases.

Tier 1 Provider Links

As we all know, internet exchanges do not provide full internet access or default paths. This still leaves a whole in service when connecting to most IX'es. This is where the "Open WISP Internet Exchange" gets special.

In addition to an open LAN fabric within the exchange we will also be installing major heavy duty routers and establish those default paths for any internet traffic not routed thru the exchanges directly we will carry several default path DIA's provided by a handful of tier 1 providers in order to offer extremely high availability default paths obsoleting the need to carry a separate DIA as this IS a full DIA.

NanoPod Edge™ Co-Location

Here is where the Open WISP Exchange is really gonna carry a lot of value added service is with our NanoPod Edge sites. Each exchange will be surrounded by what at first might appear to be an RV Park/Campground. Instead of RV's however, the lots will be occupied by container ships owned and operated by content providers like Netflix, Disney Plus, Microsoft 360 and more.

This provides a HUGE advantage over any other type of uplink service designed for WISPs as incoming traffic from our downstream WISPs first hits the NanoPod Edge network hunting for the content, if its not there, it will automatically attempt to use the exchange links to find the shortest path, and if the traffic still can't find a solid path, it will default our the exchanges default DIA provided thru our Tier 1 provider links.

Fiber Link Build Service

Perhaps the biggest advantage for our Open WISP Internet Exchanges will be our build services. With every other internet exchange you have to build to their building and get your fiber inside, which is often the most expensive part for a smaller WISP/FISP.

Although we will primarily build to the WISP (and yes this will incur construction charges) we will also work with WISPs and do link up lines where the exchange will build 1/2 way out and the WISP will build 1/2 in and we meet in the middle. Of course, to avoid charges from the exchange or Efkolos, there will be the traditional option of providers building their own lines into the building. Not to worry either, providers can still get p2p connectivity from our tier 1 providers.